Special Projects

FOTPD-21From time to time we assemble teams to work on specific projects or research.  These are sponsored by participating organizations and illuminate future trends in one particular area of talent management, human resources, learning or recruiting.

Examples of projects we are in the process of designing,  If you are interested in sponsoring or participating, please contact Kevin Wheeler at kwheeler@futureoftalent.org. We can send you a full prospectus and project description.


1. The Future of Corporate Education
            An in-depth look at what is emerging in corporate education.  Given the complex and even chaotic nature of the business world, how is education responding?  What are the trends in leadership development, technical training, and general employee development.  Are we moving away from classrooms? Where do corporate academies or universities fit in?  Who should “own” corporate education? How do small firms and start-ups educate their employees when they operate on lean budgets and staff? How are organizations educating the growing temporary and contingent workforce?  What trends are driving the development of global, multi-lingual, multicultural workforces? What role does (will) social media play as a development tool. What are the roles of games, simulations, and other newer technologies?  What are the leading technologies that are vying to replace classrooms and traditional models of delivering learning?

 2. Emerging Changes in Work Styles
              More employers and employees are seeking part-time or contract work as opposed to regular, full-time employment.  This project will look at some of the motivations for this (beyond cost savings to employers), interview employees to see why they chose this type of employment, and examine whether or not this is a temporary trend, driven by the recent recession, or a longer term permanent change in work styles. We will also look at Australia, The Netherlands, the U.K., and Singapore to see if trends are the saem on a global scale.
               We are looking for corporate partners in all the above countries as well as in the U.S.  Please let us know if you have any interest in participating at any level,

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