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Kevin Wheeler Keynote Video

Kevin Wheeler was the closing key note speaker at the second edition of Werf& Live, Thursday, May 11, 2017. Werf& LIve is the event on impactful recruitment and recruitment marketing in the Netherlands.

Kevin Wheeler Top 27 HR Experts on Twitter

Our very own Kevin Wheeler was named one of the top 27 HR experts to follow on Twitter! If you aren’t following Kevin on Twitter, now is a great time to start! CLICK HERE. And don’t forget to follow FOTI on Twitter too. CLICK HERE. For a complete list of the top 27 to follow, which includes many of our friends, CLICK HERE

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Future of Talent Institute produces original research using interviews, story-telling, focus groups, and survey technologies to identify talent trends and find common themes that can be further analyzed. Get more information here.



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What We Offer

The Future of Talent Institute is a consortium of organizations and individuals who explore emerging issues in talent management, staffing, recruiting, employee development, retention and leadership development. Our members comprise a wide range of sizes, industries and locations. Read more…

The Future of Talent Institute provides early insights and in-depth research into employment trends, demographics, workforce attitudes, organizational structure, and new technologies so that your firm can make faster and better decisions about talent and talent-related issues. Learn more here.

The Future of Talent Institute roots go back to Kevin Wheeler and Eileen Clegg’s work in at Institute for the Future, where they identified talent as a key area of focus. Click here to read details bios of Kevin and Eileen.

The Future of Work


Closing the Gender Gap One Story at a Time

Future of Talent co-founder and author Eileen Clegg discusses “the wicked problem of the gender gap.” She talks about the key drivers of women’s collective stature and impact in society that are being discovered by reviewing patterns found in the past 250 years of history. Eileen explains how these patterns lead us to new hypotheses about how we can work together to create the evolution toward equal pay, equal influence, equal power on the planet with links to additional resources.

7 Ways We Created the Current Talent Shortage

The popular belief that there is a significant shortage of qualified people is simply not true. That’s what Kevin argues in this post. He identifies and analyzes seven trends, debunking this erroneous belief and showing us how this false shortage was of our own doing.

Can You See the Elephant in the Room?

This week’s guest blogger, Chris Gootherts, Founder and President of International Talent Recruitment, postulates, “You have already declined the candidates that could have filled all your needs.” In this post, Chris uses his experience at Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon to explore causes of unfilled positions in tech, and builds his case for what recruiters need to do with the allegory of the elephant and the blind men.

Current Employment Trends


U.S. Pop Working Part-Time, Consultants, or Self-Employed


U.S. Population Employed by Manufacturing (Less than 13%)


U.S. Population Living in Urban Areas


U.S. Unemployment Rate (04/17)


U.S. Job Seekers Starting Own Company (Q2 2014)

U.S. Average Employment Tenure (Years)


U.S. Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate (04/17)


Ave. Unemployment Rate for 2016

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