We use interviews, story-telling, focus groups, and survey technologies to identify general trends and find common themes that can be further analyzed.


We conduct several activities each year globally to learn about current practices in talent management and uncover emerging trends. Our sources include corporate practitioners in recruitment, learning, human resources and other areas.  We also tap into recruitment agencies, conferences, academic research, venture capital investment trends and other indicatiors of what’ is becoming important or has already become that way.


Events and Activities Planned for 2014-2015

Focus Groups on emerging talent trends in Europe, Australia, South Africa, and the U.S. (November 2014)

White paper on Future of Corporate Education based on survey, interview, and focus group data. (December 2014)

Face-to-face meetings and discussions with corporate leaders in Finland, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and the United States. (February 2015)

Literature Reviews:   We employ 2-3 graduate students to act as research assistants and scan current journals and academic papers for relevant information on emergent talent-related areas. (Ongoing)


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